World Baton Twirling Federation
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Caroline Klompenhouwer

1980 Participant junior athletes Geneva Switzerland

1982 Member of the Dutch Team European Championships Arnhem Netherlands

1988 Participant as Team member European Championships Perth Scotland

1989 Coach of the Dutch team in the Cup of Clubs Pont a Mousson France

1991 Member of Dutch group in the Cup of Clubs in Torino Italy

1992 Member of the Dutch team in the European Championships in Sheffield England

1993 Elected as vice chair of the CETB European Commission

1994 Judging during the European Championships in Barcelona Spain

1994 - 1997 acting as the chair of the CETB technical Commission

1997 - 2009 Elected as the chair of the CETB Technical Commission

2009 Judge during the European Championship Strasbourg France

Published On - 04/11/2022